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Elisabet Goncalves

We didn't laugh at you, nerd!! We ate the cake out of the pan :) It was very yummy! You know I sell Pampered Chef now, I can hook you up with some handy kitchen gadgets to make your life soo much easier.


Delia, i love reading all your posts, you express yourself like no other, Im not the greatest cook either and my mom, va, and mother in law are great cooks, i do have some simple recipes that i will email once i go home later on tonight, i hope they help :) See in a few weeks:)


Liz, yes you laughed me. :) But it's ok, I over it as you can see. hehe

Melissa, thank you! I'm going to compile a bunch of Portuguese recipes from my mom. I might even make some! ;)


Been there lady ;)

I LOVE to bake and enjoy cooking, but since college, I really haven't had to cook much for myself. I keep saying I'm going to take a class at Williams Sonoma (ahhhhh) but never do. Imagine my surprise yesterday when Orange County's Groupon was for a cooking school by my house. Let's just say I purchase the maximum ;)

I'm excited as I really do enjoy cooking but want to learn more than my usual Tacos, Spaghetti and so on.

Here's to you and your culinary journey and maybe our paths will cross soon.


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